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DHL Express

Your order will be shipped by the international hi-speed mail (DHL Express) that provides tracking and includes compensation in the amount of actual damages (the price of the merchandise).

Shipping Rate: from $16.50
Average Delivery Days: The approximate delivery time is as follows:

Area Country/Area name Avg number of days Free shipping
Asia India 2 n/a
Indonesia 2 n/a
Vietnam 1 n/a
South Korea 1 n/a
Singapore 1 n/a
Sri Lanka 4 n/a
Thailand 1 n/a
Taiwan 1 n/a
China Shanghai 1 n/a
Beijing 4 n/a
Hong Kong 1 n/a
Pakistan 4 n/a
Bangladesh 4 n/a
Philippines 1 n/a
Malaysia 1 n/a
Oceania Australia 2 n/a
New Zealand 2 n/a
North America Canada Vancouver 2 n/a
Montreal 2 n/a
United States of America San Francisco 2 n/a
Chicago 2 n/a
New York 2 n/a
Los Angels 2 n/a
Mexico 4 n/a
Middle East United Arab Emirates 2 n/a
Israel 2 n/a
Iran 2 n/a
Saudi Arabia 2 n/a
Turkey 2 n/a
Europe Italy 2 n/a
United Kingdom 1 n/a
Austria 2 n/a
Netherlands 2 n/a
Switzerland 2 n/a
Sweden 2 n/a
Spain 2 n/a
Denmark 2 n/a
Germany 2 n/a
Hungary 2 n/a
Finland 2 n/a
France 2 n/a
Belgium 2 n/a
Poland 2 n/a
Africa Egypt 2 n/a
Ghana 4 n/a
South America Argentina 3 n/a
Brazil 2 n/a
Peru 2 n/a

- International mail may take longer than the standard delivery time due to customs clearance in the recipient country.
- If a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday is included in the period (from acceptance to transfer and delivery) or if a delay or a cancellation occurs in a flight schedule, delivery may take longer.
- We cannot ship any orders during a certain period of time such as the Year-end and New Year holidays, the Summer holidays, and the Golden Week holidays.