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SIC-524(Reflect Knit Piping)
SIC-528(Reflect Piping Tape)
SIC-531(Reflect Piping Tape)
SIC-552(Reflect Knit Piping)
SIC-3142(Reflect Elastic Cord)
SIC-8702(Reflect Cord)
SIC-8703(Reflect Weave Tape)
SIC-8704(Reflect Weave Tape)
SIC-8705(Reflect Piping)
SIC-8706(Reflect Piping)
SIC-8707 SIC-8717(Reflect Tape)
SIC-8708(Reflect Print Tape)
SIC-8713(Reflect Cord)
SIC-8714(Double-Face Reflect Stretch Tape)
SIC-8719(Reflect Piping)
SIC-8721(Aurora Reflect Knit Tape)
SIC-8724(Reflect Knit Tape)
SIC-8725(Reflect Knit Stretch Tape)
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