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A-50(Premier Cord / Flat)
A-51(Premier Cord / Round)
SIC-3010(Fake Lizard Cord)
SIC-3011(Camouflage Spindle)
SIC-3012(Camouflage Spindle)
SIC-3013(Fake Lizard Cord)
SIC-3014(Check Spindle)
SIC-3021(New Gross Cord)
SIC-3030(Cotton Pile Cord Knitter)
SIC-3031(Cotton Pile Ayatake Cord)
SIC-3040(Silky Twist Cord)
SIC-3042(Natural Twist Cord)
SIC-3043(Melange Twist Cord)
SIC-3100(Polyester Satin Cord)
SIC-3101(Cotton Satin Cord)
SIC-3104(Spindle Cord)
SIC-3105(Melange Spindle Cord)
SIC-3111(Polyester Ayatake Cord)
SIC-3112(Polyester Stitch Tape)
SIC-3113(Polyester Stripe Zig-Zag Tape)
SIC-3114(Polyester Stripe Tape)
SIC-3115(Polyester Twist Cord)
SIC-3121(String Cord)
SIC-3122(Cotton Cord)
SIC-3130(Cotton Trimming Braid)
SIC-3136(Pine Leaf Cord)
SIC-3137(Rubber Mini Cord)
SIC-3140(Polyester Elastic Cord)
SIC-3141(Polyester Elastic Cord)
SIC-3142(Reflect Elastic Cord)
SIC-3143(Cotton Elastic Cord)
SIC-3170(Silk Satin Cord)
REF-3171(Silk Trimming Braid)
REF-3172(Silk Twist Cord)
SIC-3218(Fake Leather Belt)
SIC-3232(Bright Flat Cord)
SIC-3234(Bright Spindle Cord)
SIC-3290(Pearl Cord)
SIC-3607(Polyester Spindle Cord)
SIC-3609(Polyester Spindle Cord)
SIC-3610(Polyester Spindle Cord)
SIC-3634(Color Mix Spindle)
SIC-8702(Reflect Cord)
SIC-8713(Reflect Cord)
SIC-8830(La Sheep Loop)
SIC-8867(Ultrasuede Cord)
SIC-8868(Ultrasuede Cord)
SIC-9410(Acrylic Zig-Zag Tape)
SIC-9411(Polyester Zig-Zag Tape)
SIC-9412(Cotton Zig-Zag Tape)
SIC-9413(Rayon Zig-Zag Tape)
SIC-9414(Acrylic Ayatake Cord)
SIC-9415(Polyester Ayatake Cord)
SIC-9416(Cotton Ayatake Cord)
SIC-9417(Rayon Ayatake Cord)
SIC-9418(Acrylic Trimming Braid)
SIC-9419(Polyester Trimming Braid)
SIC-9420(Cotton Trimming Braid)
SIC-9421(Rayon Trimming Braid)
SIC-9422(Acrylic Spindle Cord)
SIC-9423(Cotton Spindle Cord)
SIC-9424(Polyester Spindle Cord)
SIC-9425(Rayon Spindle Cord)
SIC-9426(Acrylic Trimming Braid)
SIC-9428(Rayon Trimming Braid)
SIC-9481(Metallic Trimming Braid)
SIC-9482(Metallic Trimming Braid)
SIC-9483(Metallic Trimming Braid)
SIC-9496(Metallic Trimming Braid)
SIC-9497(Metallic Trimming Braid)
SIC-9499(Metallic Trimming Braid)
SIC-9501(Metallic Trimming Braid)
SIC-9502(Metallic Trimming Braid)
SIC-9511(Antique Metallic Trimming Braid)
SIC-9512(Antique Metallic Trimming Braid)
SIC-9513(Antique Metallic Trimming Braid)
SIC-9517(Antique Metallic Spindle Cord)
SIC-9518(Antique Metallic Spindle Cord)
SIC-9601(Organic Cotton Spindle Cord)
SIC-9602(Organic Cotton Edouchikumi Cord)
SIC-9603(Organic Cotton Spindle Cord)
SIC-9604(Organic Cotton Ayatake Cord)
SIC-9605(Organic Cotton Rubber Cord)
SIC-9607(Organic Cotton Zig-Zag Tape)
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