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SIC-100(Rayon Grosgrain Ribbon)
SIC-108(Single-Face Velveteen Ribbon)
SIC-109(Double-Face Velveteen Ribbon)
SIC-112(Organdy Ribbon)
SIC-116(Chambray Organdy Ribbon)
SIC-117(Sandy Organdy Ribbon)
SIC-118(Silky Satin Ribbon)
SIC-120(Polyester Single-Face Satin Ribbon)
SIC-121(Polyester Double-Face Satin Ribbon)
SIC-122(Cotton Grosgrain Ribbon)
SIC-125(Premier Tape)
SIC-133(Polyester Spun Double-Face Satin Ribbon)
SIC-134(Cotton Herringbone Tape)
SIC-135(Cotton Herringbone Tape)
SIC-142(Cotton Single-Face Satin Ribbon)
SIC-143(Polyester Organdy Ribbon)
SIC-144(Stitch Grosgrain Ribbon)
SIC-145(Cotton Taffeta Ribbon)
SIC-146(Cotton Herringbone Tape)
SIC-147(Cotton Double-Face Satin Tape)
SIC-148(Cotton Georgette Ribbon)
SIC-156(Noir Satin Ribbon)
SIC-157(Noir Grosgrain Ribbon)
SIC-158(Noir Herringbone Ribbon)
SIC-160(Drape Mat Satin Ribbon)
SIC-161(Polyester Taffeta Ribbon)
SIC-164(Bright Tape)
SIC-166(Drape Bright Satin Ribbon)
SIC-168(Cotton Grosgrain Ribbon)
SIC-169(Melange Grosgrain Ribbon)
SIC-171(Double-Face Ribbon / Satin & Grosgrain)
SIC-174(Silk Thin Satin Ribbon)
SIC-175(Silk Satin Ribbon)
SIC-176(Double-Face Premier Ribbon)
SIC-177(Silk Grosgrain Ribbon)
SIC-178(Silk Grosgrain Ribbon)
SIC-179(Sandy Ribbon)
SIC-180(Polyester Chiffon Ribbon)
SIC-182(Chambray Grosgrain Ribbon)
SIC-184(Metallic Ribbon)
SIC-186(Metallic Herringbone Ribbon)
SIC-190(Polyester Grosgrain Ribbon)
SIC-191(Darning Stitch Ribbon)
SIC-192(Fancy Organdy Ribbon)
SIC-195(Rayon Knot Grosgrain Ribbon)
SIC-196(Metallic Knot Mesh Ribbon)
SIC-197(Metallic Grosgrain Ribbon)
SIC-198(Polyester Herringbone Tape)
SIC-199(Polyester Grosgrain Ribbon)
SIC-219(Melange Slub Ribbon)
SIC-220(Cotton Ladder Ribbon)
SIC-221(Cotton Gauze Ribbon)
SIC-222(Natural Lacy Ribbon)
SIC-224(Melange Taffeta Ribbon)
SIC-228(Natural Lacy Ribbon)
SIC-229(Melange Natural Ribbon)
SIC-230(Twill Satin Ribbon)
SIC-231(Stripe Satin Ribbon)
SIC-232(Organic Cotton Taffeta Ribbon)
SIC-233(Organic Cotton Herringbone Ribbon)
SIC-234(Organic Cotton Double-Face Satin Ribbon)
SIC-235(Organic Cotton Herringbone Ribbon)
SIC-241(Cotton Herringbone Ribbon)
SIC-242(Cotton Taffeta Ribbon)
SIC-243 SIC-244(Cotton Taffeta Ribbon)
SIC-262(Denim Herringbone Ribbon)
SIC-266(Linen Herringbone Ribbon)
SIC-283(Shaggy Grosgrain Ribbon)
SIC-286(Tweed Metallic Ribbon)
SIC-289(Wool Herringbone Ribbon)
SIC-305(Dot Print Ribbon / Double-Face Satin)
SIC-310(Dot Print Ribbon / Grosgrain)
SIC-312(Dot Print Ribbon / Organdy)
REF-940(Nylon Belt)
REF-941(Nylon Belt)
REF-942(Nylon Belt)
SIC-1000(Stripe Grosgrain Ribbon)
SIC-1001(Stripe Grosgrain Ribbon)
SIC-1002(Stripe Grosgrain Ribbon)
SIC-1003(Stripe Grosgrain Ribbon)
SIC-1005(Polyester Stripe Grosgrain Ribbon)
SIC-1007(Rainbow Stripe Grosgrain Ribbon)
SIC-1118(Stripe Grosgrain Ribbon)
SIC-1119(Stripe Grosgrain Ribbon)
SIC-1120(Stripe Grosgrain Ribbon)
SIC-1121(Stripe Grosgrain Ribbon)
SIC-1122(Stripe Grosgrain Ribbon)
SIC-1123(Stripe Twill Tape)
SIC-1125(Stripe Satin Ribbon)
SIC-1128(Stripe Satin Ribbon)
SIC-5017(Thin Satin & Pile Stretch Binder)
SIC-5030(Micro Satin Stretch Tape)
SIC-5033(Polyester Grosgrain Ribbon / Soft Stretch)
SIC-5037(Polyester Herringbone Ribbon / Soft Stretch)
SIC-5090(Stripe Stretch Tape)
SIC-8703(Reflect Weave Tape)
SIC-8704(Reflect Weave Tape)
SIC-EB007(Grosgrain Stretch Tape)
SIC-EB008(Satin Stretch Tape)
SIC-EB009(Thin Satin Stretch Tape)
SIC-EB010(Herringbone Stretch Tape)
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