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SIC-105(Polyester Thin Knit Tape)
SIC-162(Polyester Single Knit Tape)
SIC-163(Pile Knit Tape)
SIC-1116(Cushion Knit Tape)
SIC-1201(Stripe Pile Tape)
SIC-1202(Stripe Pile Tape)
SIC-1204(Chain Line Tape)
SIC-1206(Knit Line Tape)
SIC-1207(Knit Line Tape)
SIC-1208(Gradation Mesh Tape)
SIC-1209(Rainbow Mesh Tape)
SIC-1253(Cotton Stripe Knit Tape)
SIC-2300(Wool Knit Tape)
SIC-2301 SIC-2302(Wool Knit Binder Tape)
SIC-2303 SIC-2304(Polyester Knit Binder Tape)
SIC-2305(Ramie Knit Tape)
SIC-2308(Metallic Knit Tape)
SIC-2309(Antique Metallic Knit Tape)
SIC-2312(Polyester Thin Knit Tape)
SIC-2314(Bright Knit Tape)
SIC-2316(Wool Knit Binder Tape)
SIC-2325(Cotton Mingle Tape)
SIC-5056(Cotton Knit Tape)
SIC-5560(Airy Knit Stretch Ribbon)
SIC-5561(Shiny Knit Stretch Ribbon)
SIC-8708(Reflect Print Tape)
SIC-8721(Aurora Reflect Knit Tape)
SIC-8724(Reflect Knit Tape)
SIC-8725(Reflect Knit Stretch Tape)
SIC-EB012(Moose Velvet Tape)
SIC-EB013(Moose Stretch Tape)
SIC-ET008(Knit Picot Stretch Tape)
SIC-FB011(Knit Stretch Tape)
SIC-FB012(Knit Stretch Binder)
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