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Trimming Braid

SIC-3112(Polyester Stitch Tape)
SIC-3114(Polyester Stripe Tape)
SIC-3130(Cotton Trimming Braid)
REF-3171(Silk Trimming Braid)
SIC-3218(Fake Leather Belt)
SIC-6035(Trimming Braid)
SIC-6036(Trimming Braid)
SIC-6037(Trimming Braid)
SIC-6038(Trimming Braid)
SIC-6100(Trimming Braid)
SIC-6101(Trimming Braid)
SIC-6102(Trimming Braid)
SIC-6104(Trimming Braid)
SIC-6106(Trimming Braid)
SIC-6108 SIC-6109(Trimming Braid)
SIC-6112(Trimming Braid)
SIC-6115(Trimming Braid)
SIC-6116(Trimming Braid)
SIC-6117(Trimming Braid)
SIC-6118(Trimming Braid)
SIC-6119(Trimming Braid)
SIC-6122(Trimming Braid)
SIC-6124(Twist Satin Braid)
SIC-6125(Chain Cross Braid)
SIC-6129(Stitch Picot Braid)
SIC-6146(Cord Loop Braid)
SIC-6147(Spangle Braid)
SIC-6148(Spangle Braid)
SIC-6149(Spangle Braid)
SIC-6159(Trimming Braid)
SIC-6162(Trimming Braid)
SIC-6163(Trimming Braid)
SIC-6164(Trimming Braid)
SIC-6165(Trimming Braid)
SIC-6166(Trimming Braid)
SIC-6169(Trimming Braid)
SIC-6301(Mole & Lame Braid)
SIC-6366(Trimming Braid)
SIC-6400(Lame Braid)
SIC-6402(Lame Braid)
SIC-6403(Lame Braid)
SIC-6410(Metallic Trimming Braid)
SIC-6415(Antique Metallic Trimming Braid)
SIC-6416(Antique Metallic Trimming Braid)
SIC-6417(Antique Metallic Trimming Braid)
SIC-6418(Antique Metallic Trimming Braid)
SIC-6419(Antique Metallic Trimming Braid)
SIC-6420(Antique Metallic Trimming Braid)
SIC-6500(Wool Braid)
SIC-7118(Cotton Lace Braid)
SIC-7119(Cotton Lace Braid)
SIC-7120(Cotton Lace Braid)
SIC-7121(Crochet Lace Tape)
SIC-7122(Lame Crochet Lace)
SIC-7125(Cotton Lace Braid)
SIC-7126(Cotton Lace Braid)
SIC-7132(Mix Color Braid)
SIC-9209(Bright Center Cross Tape)
SIC-9418(Acrylic Trimming Braid)
SIC-9419(Polyester Trimming Braid)
SIC-9420(Cotton Trimming Braid)
SIC-9421(Rayon Trimming Braid)
SIC-9426(Acrylic Trimming Braid)
SIC-9428(Rayon Trimming Braid)
SIC-9481(Metallic Trimming Braid)
SIC-9482(Metallic Trimming Braid)
SIC-9483(Metallic Trimming Braid)
SIC-9497(Metallic Trimming Braid)
SIC-9498(Metallic Trimming Braid)
SIC-9501(Metallic Trimming Braid)
SIC-9502(Metallic Trimming Braid)
SIC-9511(Antique Metallic Trimming Braid)
SIC-9512(Antique Metallic Trimming Braid)
SIC-9514(Antique Metallic Trimming Braid)
SIC-9515(Antique Metallic Trimming Braid)
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