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Inside Belt

SIC-5509(Stretch Belt)
SIC-5556(Waist Stretch Tape)
SIC-5557(Lame Waist Stretch Tape)
SIC-5575(Waist Stretch Tape)
SIC-IB001(Inside Belt / Soft Type)
SIC-IB002(Inside Belt / Hard Type)
SIC-IB003(Inside Belt / LYCRA SHK)
SIC-IB004(Inside Belt / Hard Type)
SIC-IB006(Inside Belt / Soft Type)
SIC-IB014(Inside Belt / Mesh Type)
SIC-IB015(Inside Belt / Shirring Type)
SIC-IB016(Elastic Cord / Flat)
SIC-IB017(Elastic Cord / Soft)
SIC-IB018(Elastic Cord / Hard)
SIC-IB021(Inside Belt / Sudare)
SIC-IB023(Inside Belt / Webbing Type)
SIC-IB025(Non-Slip Band)
SIC-IB026(Non-Slip Knit Band)
SIC-IB027(Non-Slip Silicone Band)
SIC-IB030(Color Inside Belt)
SIC-IB032(Inside Belt / Soft Type)
SIC-IB034(Inside Belt / Soft Type)
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