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Stretch Tape

SIC-5017(Thin Satin & Pile Stretch Binder)
SIC-5021(Cross Stitch Tape)
SIC-5027(Mesh Binder)
SIC-5030(Micro Satin Stretch Tape)
SIC-5031(Mist Organdy Stretch)
SIC-5033(Polyester Grosgrain Ribbon / Soft Stretch)
SIC-5037(Polyester Herringbone Ribbon / Soft Stretch)
SIC-5057(Lame Stretch Tape)
SIC-5058(Mix Stretch Tape)
SIC-5061(Metallic Stretch Tape)
SIC-5062(Metallic Stretch Tape)
SIC-5074(Chambray Stretch Tape)
SIC-5080(Animal Print Stretch Binder Tape)
SIC-5090(Stripe Stretch Tape)
SIC-5509(Stretch Belt)
SIC-5513(Ball Picot Stretch Tape)
SIC-5516(Mist Organdy Frill Stretch)
SIC-5517(Frill Stretch)
SIC-5518(Gradation Stretch Tape)
SIC-5521(Layered Frill Stretch)
SIC-5523(Single Frill Stretch)
SIC-5524(Double Frill Stretch)
SIC-5525(Stream Frill Stretch)
SIC-5526(Tulle Frill Stretch)
SIC-5527(Tulle Stretch Tape)
SIC-5528(Tulle Stretch Tape)
SIC-5532(Mist Picot Stretch)
SIC-5535(Poodle Frill Stretch)
SIC-5546(Metallic Stretch Piping)
SIC-5547(Metallic Stretch Piping)
SIC-5550(Metallic Stretch Piping)
SIC-5552(Check Frill Stretch)
SIC-5553(Cotton Frill Stretch)
SIC-5556(Waist Stretch Tape)
SIC-5557(Lame Waist Stretch Tape)
SIC-5558(Satin Stretch Tape)
SIC-5560(Airy Knit Stretch Ribbon)
SIC-5561(Shiny Knit Stretch Ribbon)
SIC-5575(Waist Stretch Tape)
SIC-8714(Double-Face Reflect Stretch Tape)
SIC-EB007(Grosgrain Stretch Tape)
SIC-EB008(Satin Stretch Tape)
SIC-EB009(Thin Satin Stretch Tape)
SIC-EB010(Herringbone Stretch Tape)
SIC-EB013(Moose Stretch Tape)
SIC-ET002(Pleat Stretch Tape)
SIC-ET008(Knit Picot Stretch Tape)
SIC-ET009(Lace Stretch Tape)
SIC-ET010(Lace Frill Stretch Tape)
SIC-FB001(Thin Stretch Tape)
SIC-FB002(Stretch Tape Reversible)
SIC-FB011(Knit Stretch Tape)
SIC-FB012(Knit Stretch Binder)