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MIYUKI Bugle Seed Beads #10 Light Red (Silverline)

Size Guide

  • This is a Japanese MIYUKI bugle bead. In the 1''' size, 20 grams of beads yield approximately 1,660 beads, or about 4.9 meters on a thread; in the 2''' size, 20 grams of beads yield approximately 760 beads. Beads are packed loose.

    Sales Unit 20 Grams Package (1''': 1,660pcs 2''': 760pcs)
    Available Size 1''' (Length: 3mm Diameter: 1.5mm Hole: 0.7mm) 2''' (Length: 6mm Diameter: 1.7mm Hole: 0.8mm)
    Material Composition Glass
    Thickness 1.5mm - 1.7mm
    Manufacturer MIYUKI
    • Depending on performance and display settings, there are instances in which the color of the photo and the actual product slightly differ.
    • To be sure, please test the product for your application before use.
    • Colors may vary slightly depending on the dyeing lot.
    • Due to the characteristics of the product, the size of the product may differ slightly from the actual product.
    • Each bead is very inexpensive, and we are unable to check the quality of each piece, so we have enclosed more beads than the indicated capacity.
    • Some beads are dyed,galvanized or plated. The colors on the outer layers may come off, rubbed, or if soaked in the strong solvent.
    • Silverline or galvanized beads are oxidized while apply on certain fabrics that are acidic, they may decay or turn dark due to the chemical change. In order to avoid such case, neutralize your fabrics and threads before embroidering.
    • Some dyed color beads might fade by the sunray.