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Rayon grosgrain ribbon (SIC-100) in 54 new colors and new 100mm width

Rayon Grosgrain Ribbon (SIC-100)

The Rayon Grosgrain Ribbon (SIC-100), characterized by its silky-touch luster and supple texture, now comes in 54 new colors and a new width of 100mm, for an impressive total of 201 colors and 12 widths!

[Existing 147 colors + 54 new colors]
Since we now have a large number of similar colors, we can respond to subtle shades such as "a little darker" or "a little lighter". However, there are times when even we are not sure which color number to choose at a glance, so we recommend that you get the actual sample book first if you are particular about the color you want to use.

[Existing 5 to 75mm widths (11 sizes) + New 100mm width]
The 100mm (10cm) size comes in only six colors: C/#1 (White), C/#3 (Pink Beige), C/#26 (Deep Navy), C/#30 (Black), C/#31 (Off White), and C/#83 (Dark Gray).

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